Gala Ice Cream – Papua New Guinea

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Helping to reposition and modernise Papua New Guinea's most popular Ice Cream brand.


One of the most enjoyable projects we've completed recently was for Papua New Guinea’s largest and most popular ice cream brand, Gala. The existing and basic identity had limitations and felt very dated, failing to provide the flexibility required to maintain and grow market share.

As part of an extensive brand review, we recommended Gala Ice Cream should be positioned as a local product that appeals to the unique PNG market and consumer. The original purpose of the project was to update and evolve the brand identity, key product ranges and communications material.

We recognised the need to inject some much needed character and tap into the strong sense of national pride that exists locally. Based on the national bird of PNG, the Raggiana bird-of-paradise, we developed this flexible little character who is purposefully simple, playful and iconic. 

The packaging range we developed had a consistent DNA, derived from the diagonal split design of the PNG national flag. This allowed content to be split and a recognisable suite and cohesive family of products to be developed. 

As the project neared completion, the demands and brief changed, to a narrower field of focus. Sadly, the main brand identity and packaging refresh were placed on 'pause' indefinitely. On a happier note, this cute little character survived and was adopted by Gala for role-out.