Prospect Studios – Brisbane, Australia

The not so
corporate office –

Prospect Studios is a new co-working space on the edge of Brisbane’s vibrant creative precinct, Fortitude Valley. In a beautiful converted warehouse, it provides desks and meeting areas making it the perfect place to create, work and think. 


We were asked to create an idea and identity system that reflected both the function and form of the space. After numerous conversations around the positioning of the brand, it became evident very quickly that we were to avoid the 'standard corporate office' cliches and play to the strengths of the space and the clientele we were trying to attract. 

Our approach was to develop a identity platform that was something more than simply a beautiful visual idea, we wanted to add meaning and use language to engage in a varied, direct and playful way.

The starting point for this idea was the name, Prospect Studios, which we shortened to PS. - relating to post script - as in something important, relating to communication and work. PS allowed us to have fun and be witty with the overall idea, bringing meaning to overall identity and space name. We purposefully selected a very functional typeface and colour palette that reflected the idea of post script and didn’t detract from the space and membership options available.

The intelligent approach delivered a visual wit and cleverness that I really wasn't expecting. Refined visual elements combined with playful interchangeable language has enabled PS to stand out and keep my communication varied and relevant. Overall, the branding has really really helped Prospect Studios connect with my intended audience in a genuinely different way. An enjoyable process and great result.


John MacDonald – Owner, Prospect Studios