Wonderful work for courageous clients. Simple –


We work with, and seek out, open-minded and purposeful clients who understand the difference great design and meaningful communication can make.


We're a small independent design and branding studio big on experience. We create effective and award winning design for a broad range of individuals, companies and organisations. Delivering strong strategic ideas that are single-minded, relevant and distinct for each and every client is our genuine passion. Our approach is direct, simplifying the complex to consistently deliver intelligent and wonderfully crafted solutions. We genuinely care about the people we partner with and the impact our work has. 


Difference –

We believe good design makes a big difference. To stand out in an ever-crowded market, you need to be relevant, unique and easily identifiable. We listen hard, research well and explore ideas and design solutions to make sure this happens.


with Meaning –

We live in a world where we are bombarded by hundreds of thousands of messages daily, good design has to be simple to cut through. We look for a big idea, story or thread so that even the most complex message gets through.

Be Beautifully
Considered –

We’re passionate about creating beautifully crafted and considered communication. We collaborate with a network of specialists, from experienced writers and typographers to photographers and illustrators, so that every piece of work we produce looks and sounds fantastic.


Add True
Value –

At its best, graphic design seduces, pleases and inspires people – so they are more likely to part with their valuable time or hard-earned cash. Because we’re purposefully small you get direct contact with the designer working on the project, meaning you're not paying for superfluous management layers and project nuances are less likely to be lost in translation.

We design for a reason - either to solve a business problem or challenge, to identify and communicate difference, to connect with meaning, to provoke a thought or reaction, or simply raise a smile. We're an ideas company that provide a wide range of design services including, but not limited to:



Thinking –
Brand positioning
Brand architecture
Verbal Identity

Doing –
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines

Our model is flexible allowing us to scale our team up and down to deal with work flow, as and when required. Made by Big was founded by Kevin Blackburn who manages and directs the creative and strategy of every single project. 



Kevin is the founder and Creative Director of Made by Big. He has twenty years of global brand design experience with strong experience in all aspects of brand identity and graphic design. He has over 35 international design awards including D&AD, ADC, New York Festivals, Mobius and AGDA. His approach to design is characterised by a belief in meaningful ideas and simple effective communication.