Made by Big is an independent design and branding studio. We create effective and award winning design for a broad range of clients, big and small. With over nineteen years of top-tier international design experience, we understand how important it is to be different and truly stand out - for all the right reasons.

We specialise in brand identity, graphic design and art direction. We are passionate about delivering strong strategic ideas that are single-minded, relevant and distinct for each and every client. Our approach is direct, simplifying the complex to consistently deliver intelligent, relevant and well crafted solutions.


Recent commissions include:  A complete rebrand for Australia's largest Pavlova maker and baker, including all material from the business name through to the product packaging, website and all the other wonderful little nuances. The identity for AFL Travel, a joint project between Virgin Australia and the AFL. A complete update of the Boost Juice brand, from the identity creation and design rational, through to the art direction, style guide and overall creative platform. The rebrand, character development and packaging strategy for Papua New Guinea’s largest ice cream maker. A member of the design roster for Origin Energy, helping to shape and guide the communication direction and overall brand of the organisation. We're proud to be the trusted brand and communication partner for Capital Smart Repairs, Australia's largest car repair business and a joint venture with Suncorp.

Ajombi Group, Boost Juice, Breast Cancer Campaign, Capital Smart Repairs, The Country Chef Bakery Co, Chemcare Group, City of Port Phillip, Commercial Property Guide, Committee for Melbourne, Corporate Theatre, DEECD, Digital Rescue, Eclipse Early Education Group, Foto Fast, Gala Ice Cream, Gulliva Menswear, KX Pilates, Lady Gowrie, Lightspace Studios, Loyalty Live, Mischa, Money3, Non Fiction Foods, Nous Group, Origin Energy, Propsect Studio, Quinn Dental Group, Retail Zoo, Sids & Kids, Style Union, Subject Self, Ten Lost Tribes, Urban Climb, Virgin Australia, Witchery.


"A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the front door, the host said 'I love your pictures - they're wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera.' He said nothing until dinner was finished, then: 'That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific stove."  Sam Haskins



Communicate difference
We believe good design makes a big difference. To stand out in an ever-crowded market, you need to be relevant, unique and easily identifiable. We listen hard, research well and explore design ideas and solutions to ensure this happens. 

Connect with meaning
We live in a world where we are bombarded by hundreds of thousands of messages daily, good design has to be simple to cut through. We look for a big idea, story or thread so that even the most complex messages get through.

Be beautifully considered
We’re passionate about creating beautifully crafted and considered communication. We collaborate with a network of specialists, from experienced writers and typographers to photographers and illustrators, so that every piece of work we produce looks and sounds fantastic.

Add true value
At its best, graphic design seduces, pleases and inspires people – so that they are more likely to part with their valuable time or hard earned cash. Because we’re relatively small, we don’t charge as much as the big boys so your budget stretches further and is even more effective.



We provide a wide range of design services for individuals, start-ups and international organisations. Nunc viverra nec nunc ac accumsan. Quisque sem libero, venenatis et faucibus non, accumsan eget libero. Maecenas sed tellus et nisl elementum porta. Duis at enim nec tortor pharetra consectetur.


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