AFL Travel – Australia

Fly, Stay,
Play –

We were commissioned by Virgin Australia to develop a name and new identity for what would become AFL Travel - an online portal for all travelling AFL fans. 


The purpose of the project was to relaunch the Any game Anywhere brand and all key touch points. The key objective is to breath new life into the brand and ensure it truly connects the fan, the club and the experience. The new identity should convey a sense of emotion and represent the total journey, the game and beyond. It should tap into every individuals club loyalty, sense of pride and love of the game. 

The solution needed to be simple, bold and articulate to succeed within the complex stakeholder framework - using both the AFL and Virgin Australia logotypes. The solution we developed looked placing the brand firmly in the sporting category with the use of a distinctive crest that unified the elements and highlighted the core function. The visuals above show some of our thinking and an array of options we developed under the selected design territory. 

Working in partnership with Virgin Australia, we developed a complete visual identity system, including: brand hierarchy, logo concepts, typography, colour palette, graphic elements, UX and an array of printed and digital touchpoints. The identity was then taken by Virgin Australia, evolved and rolled out nationally in partnership with the AFL.