Body Armour – Australia

Tonight, Tomorrow –

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Body Armour is a unique drink specifically formulated to provide ‘hangover relief’. This is the only drink of its kind on the market to achieve TGA Medical approval.


Body Armour approached us with a very compelling proposition, story and product. They had an existing identity with major limitations - visually it felt antiquated and at odds with both the product, sector and younger party demographic. The existing design also failed to provide the platform required to really launch a new brand, beyond a tired and dated label which featured a rather crude illustration of a ‘Knight’.

As part of our brand review, we recommended Body Armour should position itself to straddle the ‘party and health’ category. Appealing, at first, to the 20-30 age bracket, targeting those working hard during the week and partying during the weekend.

The design had to work equally well in both a chemist and a bar. It had to be simple, due to the micro size of the bottle and iconic enough to stand out in a crowded and busy environment. The identity and system we created are centred around the bespoke letter A and overall bottle design. Using a simple colour palette that is both sporty and has an energy about it, coupled with a simple typographic system that is playful and direct in visual and verbal tone.

Scope of work: Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Brand Guidelines, Brand System, Digital and Print Applications.


We created the brand and campaign identity from scratch, including positioning, pack and bottle design, copywriting and total graphic system.


The custom word-mark and letter A are supported by a simple three colour palette and reductive typographic choice. This creates a flexible but coherent design palette that has the desired visual punch.