Boost Juice – Worldwide

Evolve, strengthen
& revitalise  –

Boost Juice is an Australian based retail franchise with over 200 stores nationally and 70 outlets in 13 countries, including South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile and the United Kingdom.


At the beginning of 2014 we were invited by Janine Allis, one of the founders, to talk about how we would evolve, strengthen and revitalise the overall Boost identity. After an initial period of creative consultation we were successfully awarded the identity project. We began by immersing ourselves in Boost, researching the history and evolution of the brand, visiting a wide variety of store formats and really trying to get under the skin of the culture and experience that go into making Boost so unique. Over the following 8 months we worked closely with a variety of business stakeholders to simplify, strengthen and streamline the visual and verbal identity.

We recognised early on that the Boost identity was known for three key elements – the logo, the colour green and the founder Janine, who is very much the voice of the brand. Our key objective was always to maintain this recognisable character, but do it in a more considered and modern way. The existing logo is unique but complex in the number of shapes that go into making it up, we began by evolving each character to create a more iconic single colour version. We developed a set of visual assets that included a new ‘B’ icon, unique typographic palette, a large bespoke image library and a wide variety of design executions covering every business touchpoint. The identity, elements and visual style guide are all being used by the in-house Boost design department - the examples shown here are a very small selection of the identity we developed.

Scope of work: Brand Identity, Photographic Library, Brand Guidelines, Store Signage, Menu and POS Development.

They just got on with it. Made by Big listened and delivered on our vision, which is much harder than people think. I really enjoyed both the process and outcome and always look forward to working with them.

Janine Allis – Founder, Boost Juice & Retail Zoo