Geho Events – UK

Up and
Coming – 

Geho is an events and music promotions company based in the North of England. They specialise in live music events and club nights and are committed to showcasing the best up and coming local, national and international acts.


We helped establish the overall identity and each campaign for Geho Events over the course two, very enjoyable, years. The idea for the identity centred on the diversity of each artist, creating or selecting a single iconic image that best reflected the artist and there work.  

By limiting the typography to two key typefaces with a fixed typographic composition for each piece, we ensured each separate piece of communication was unique, but also fit visually within the Geho identity. These posters illustrate the diversity of each artist and the flexibility of the overall design system – working with award winning photographers such as Alex Telfer always ensures the outcomes are visually outstanding. 

In 2012 we were fortunate enough to pick up two awards at the AGDA Australian Design Biennale.