Spa Country Mineral Water  – Victoria, Australia


Spring Creek mineral water is the only water in history to be rated more valuable than gold. 


The 1st Mineral Springs Reserve in Australia was found in Spring Creek by Captain John Hepburn in the early 1800’s. Much the same time as Gold was discovered in Victoria. As the majority of inhabitants of the region were Swiss/Italian immigrants (from the Spa region of Switzerland and northern Italy), they recognised the value of the mineral water and petitioned the Government to stop gold mining and preserve the mineral water. And they did, hence Liquid Gold.

We were commissioned to bring this wonderful story to life in the form of an umbrella brand for Spa Country – a Victorian owned hospitality group operating a collection of iconic businesses across Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. This project included the development of the Spa Country logo and identity along with the sub-brand for Spring Creek mineral water. 

Our design approach used local heroes shot by photographer Donna Todd. Each has an individual story, linking the provenance of today with the valuable and unique history of the brand. The design was purposefully refined, a playful juxtaposition of bright colours, classic typography and the arresting characters placed to the fore.