St Lucia Dental – Brisbane, Australia

to Smile –

Hands up, who likes the dentist?
No, really, anyone? Anyone? Really?


Ok, let's be honest, nobody really likes the dentist. Generally speaking, it's not a nice experience having somebody poke around in your mouth. Dr Angus Quinn wanted to shift perceptions and evolve the experience into a positive and outcome focused one. With a brand new state-of-the-art facility and wonderfully caring practitioners he is doing this.

From our initial conversations and subsequent insights, we developed an idea based on outcomes, called 'Reasons to Smile'. As a central idea it allowed all the communication to split between the aesthetic (smile) and functional (feed) benefits of exceptional dental care.

We steered clear of the usual Kodak smiles employed by most dental practices, ‘Reasons to Smile’ allowed the identity to be distinctive, playful and grounded in everyday life. As part of the project we delivered: brand idea, identity system, logo design, tone of voice, practice signage, campaign idea and a mini style guide.